Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is a city in the Czech Republic, a place supernatural and surreal. It seems that the whole city went into hibernation several centuries ago, turning into a kind of magnificent architectural museum. Our Kutna Hora tour will show you all secrets of this city.

·        History of Kutna Hora

·        Kostnica

·        Other sights with Kutna Hora tour

History of Kutna Hora

The Kutna Hora tour will tell the story of this city. The history of Kutna Hora is inextricably linked with the extraction of silver ores. Already at the end of the 13th century, the Kutnogorsk mines supplied approximately one third of European silver. The city becomes the center of the coinage of the so-called Prague pennies that belonged to the most stable European currencies. The main local mine "Donkey" reaches a depth of 500 meters at the turn of the XIV - XV centuries and it was at that time the deepest mine in the world. Thanks to its wealth, Kutna Hora became the second most important city after Prague. The richness of local mines that were the economic stronghold of the power of the local kings, made it possible to erect a lot of stunning architectural monuments in Kutna Hora, since the inhabitants of the city did not want to give in to the capital. Thanks to this, Kutna Hora was included in the UNESCO World  List.



The most famous attraction of Kutna Hora tour, perhaps, can be called the Chapel of All Saints or otherwise the Kostnica. It is located on the outskirts of the city, near Sedlec. Terrifying splendor - something like this can be described as a condition that already covers the approaches to the chapel. The building in the Gothic style took place in the center of the cemetery. The material used for interior design is very unusual ... about 40,000 human bones. Tops of skeletal art, which are simply breathtaking, a huge chandelier in front of the altar and a masterpiece of the emblem of a famous family that once owned this piece of land.

The history of the church began when the abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec, Heinrich brought some land from Calvary and scattered it around the abbey cemetery. This made the cemetery a popular burial site. The cemetery has greatly expanded as a result of wars and epidemics.

Want to experience a riven emotional consciousness? Kostnica is the most suitable place for this.

Other sights with Kutna Hora tour

The mention of the Kutná Hora combination does not cause anything more than association with the Kostnica. Meanwhile, the city gained world fame much earlier, thanks to the silver deposits found here in the XIII century, and became secretly referred to the treasury of the Czech Republic. During the existence of the Czech kingdom, the mint was located here for the minting of Prague coins. The presence of such incalculable riches in Kutna Hora put the city on the second step after Prague.

The Kutna Hora tour will also show you other sights of this city.

·        St. Barbara's Cathedral is the most famous temple in Kutna Hora, the second largest and most significant Gothic church of the Czech Republic, built in the late Gothic style. It belongs to the most unusual gothic structures of this type in Central Europe. St. Barbara's Cathedral is located on the highest point of the city and therefore is the main landmark in Kutna Hora.  


·        Vlach yard is a former mint. Today, right in front of tourists, the master mints souvenir coins using medieval technology and tools. The Vlaš fortress was built in the 13th century.

·        The stone fountain, located in the town of Kutna Hora, is a monument of the Middle Ages, made in the late Gothic style. Today, in front of this gigantic structure, a knightly house, reconstructed in the early 19th century