Experience of my Euro trip in 2019

Experience of my Euro trip in 2019

I really love travelling, of course, especially, to Europe as it is the place that is full of historical and cultural significance. My main problem is the budget. However, I was able to find the perfect option, so, for this winter vacation I went on a Euro trip in 2019 to Czech for 3 days. Today I want to share with you my little experience.

  • Why did I decide to choose Czech as a destination of Europe travel?
  • What was my Euro trip like?
  • What are my impressions?

Why did I decide to choose Czech as a destination of Europe travel?

Czech Republic is a place in which everyone will find a rest to their liking. Good location, mild climate, a huge number of attractions, good shopping and affordable prices are just a short list of advantages of this unique country.

It is an ancient country full of architectural monuments and natural treasures. I was in many European countries but decided to dedicate my Euro trip in 2019 to the Czech Republic. The largest number of castles is located here, a variety of dishes will not leave anyone aside, and the famous beer is a sin if you do not try it. Just imagine, you walk along the narrow paved streets and breathe in the spirit of the early Middle Ages, that is perfectly preserved here. Well, do you also want to be here, like me?


What was my Euro trip like?

My journey to Czech began with the landing of the plane but the most interesting was waiting ahead. As soon as I stayed at the hotel, I decided not to waste time on resting, so, I quickly changed the clothes and went for a walk. Of course, it wasn’t without tasting Czech beer. Pilsner is great. I totally recommend it to everyone. How it is nice to meet open-minded people. It is such a pleasure to communicate with them.

On this day, the guide gave a wonderful sightseeing tour of Prague, which was very useful, since it was necessary to plan all the other days! From this time, I understood that my Euro trip in 2019 will be the best.

Prague's sights are unique. I walked around without getting tired of clicking the camera and turning my head to not miss anything. For example, Czech’s astronomical clock. This old clock is located on the old town square. Every day crowds of people come to look at them, to listen to their amazing fight. At a certain time, all the figures on the clock begin to move. Each of them has its own deep meaning. I did not specifically choose the time to come to the clock but I was lucky on the first day to capture this Grand event. Old town square is the Central square of Prague, in addition to the unique clock on it placed many other interesting attractions.

On the second day I went to Karlštejn castle. It is located in 30 kilometers from the capital.  I am very glad that it turned out to go to this castle and the weather did not disappoint. It was wonderful!  Prices there are cheaper than in Prague, so I was not left without a new thing. Souvenirs from Czech can also be bought there.

I devoted the whole day to Charles ' wares. The town was amazing! From Prague went an hour and a half. I was lucky to get tickets for a very comfortable bus, so the trip was easy and pleasant. Karlovy vary is a small tourist town that is famous for its thermal waters. In this regard, the Central part of the city is occupied by hotels. All Lazne (sources) are open, and healing water can be drunk for everyone absolutely for free.

So, I passed here only 3 days but it was amazing. So many emotions and memories!

What are my impressions?

I really enjoyed my Euro trip to Czech. I had a wonderful time enjoying food, architecture, people. Of course, more time is needed to see everything and completely immerse in the culture of the Czech Republic but I had a limit. Another plus is the budget. Despite its uniqueness, Prague is a cheap place compared to other European capitals.

All in all, this delicious food, beautiful sceneries and ancient architecture made me fall in love with this country! I am sure I will definitely return once.